M.S. Exercise Science - Florida Atlantic University 

B.S. Exercise Science - Barry Unniversity

USAT Level 1 Coach
USA Triathlon

C.S.C.S. - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist 
National Strength and Conditioning Association

C.I.S.S.N. - Certified Sports Nutritionist 
International Society of Sports Nutrition

Certified FMS Level 2
Functional Movement Systems

Certified CPR/AED
American Red Cross


Owner and Head Strength Coach of OPT &

Strength & Conditioning Consultant with CriticalBench.com

With over 15 years of experience and education, Coach Brian has learned that in order for you to achieve your max performance, a multitude of training regimes must be implemented to stimulate all systems of the body. Far too often, 'coaches' and 'trainers' rely on opinions and other information that has no scientific support. Coach Brian relies on the facts; proven scientific research from credible sources. As a competitive triathlete and fitness advocate, Coach Brian knows how crucial it is to sort through fact and fiction when it comes to 'functional training'.

"Every trainer has their own way of training which makes the selection process of a trainer difficult for everyone. As the great movement specialist Gray Cook has said “You can't put fitness on dysfunction” and that's exactly what I am passionate about making fitness FUNCTIONAL. There are many ways to do it(exercise) but only one way to do it right."-Coach Brian.

Optimax caters to everyone: professional/recreational, adult/youth, athletic/nonathletic. Training with Coach Brian is not just a workout, it's an experience. His philosophy is simple, PURPOSE OVER PREFERENCE. He is not about those big box cookie cutter programs and he doesn't prescribe a random workout that has no purpose. He is specific. He has a purpose and so do you. Your goal might be to get better at a sport, run your first marathon, or just get in better shape. Coach Brian will assess you to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And from then the experience begins. Prepare for a changed life.

"Many, many thanks to my great trainer, Brian! I couldn't have done it without you!!! You have made such a difference in my life. I feel amazing!"  

                                                      -Meghan B.

"With my 15 years of successful coaching experience, Brian has an excellent coaching style, which is hard to find in the training industry.  I am confident that Brian’s knowledge and encouragement will benefit many athletes who are looking to participate in a physically active lifestyle."

                                                       -Craig Vitale

                                         USAT Level 2 Coach

Click here (or the videos below)​ to see Coach Brian in action on YouTube!

"I asked Brian to be my trainer to help me with my broken run. I've always had severe right hip pain after a run and had a funny gait due to a couple of knee surgeries on the left knee. Brian showed me proper running form and reminded me my left leg is stronger than I give it credit. After a few weeks in new shoes and good form, no pain!!! I could run again this afternoon after doing almost 5 miles this morning. Training for Miami 70.3...thanks, Brian. I GOT THIS!!!

-Jessica Z.

"Before training with Coach Brian, I had previously worked with trainers from other gyms, however the previous trainers were not knowledgeable on the needs of an athlete at the USA national team level… After working with Brian, I not only maintained my level of fitness but also developed an overall explosiveness, strength, and endurance that took me to a level I had not reached before in terms of physical fitness. Within four months of working with Brian, I went to YMCA Nationals and won the national title in the 200 breaststroke and I can truly say that Coach Brian had a huge part in my success at YMCA Nationals."                   


                              –Eric Ronda

​                   Harvard University

"Having been involved in nutrition and fitness for a long, there are leaders and there are followers. Brian is definitely one of those leaders. Brian and I both have similar backgrounds so I am confident that his knowledge is far above others when it comes to training. He has the skills to help anyone to reach their goals."

​                                                      -Joel Marion

Co-Founder of BioTRUST