Virtual Consulting
Optimax does not limit it's expertise to the local area. We are an outreach training company that utilizes social media and the internet to reach anyone and everyone in need of coaching or consultant work. Our virtual training is vast and unique as we successfully connect through various means of communication, free lance writing, informative video clips, scholarly product reviews, blogging, etc. Whether you are an individual or a company, Optimax can improve your performance or enhance your business from a distance.

At Optimax Performance Training, we value your abilities and so should you. We understand that you want the best for your health and that is why we strive for perfection. It takes dedication, hard work, and accountability.

And most importantly, it takes YOU!

**Coach Brian is currently taking online coaching clients**

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Your Performance is Personal

Adult Performance Training
Not an athlete? That’s okay. Maybe you’re new to exercise. That’s quite alright! Or maybe you are an athlete looking to focus on a particular sport. At Optimax we train clients of all ages and all abilities. Our adult performance training is all about YOU! Once your goals and areas of concern have been identified, we will guide you through a highly scientific-based training protocol in an effort to improve your quality of life and/or sport.

Endurance Coaching
You might be new to running or a veteran triathlete. Our endurance coaching program caters to beginners and professionals and everyone in between. Whatever category you are in, you can still improve your performance in the sport. Through coaching, we will be able to focus on any weakness or insecurities you may have, increase your strength, and decrease your chance of injury. We will also be able to map out your race season with a realistic training program that fits your schedule. 

​​Youth Performance Training
At Optimax we are fully aware that training for sport during early years is critical to building a lifelong foundation of great health and fitness. Our youth performance training focuses on the fundamentals of speed, agility, strength, power, endurance and mobility. Our hope is to instill skills that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to make the athlete physically conditioned to prevent injury and to excel at their sport. Not only do we focus on sport and fitness but we teach respect, dedication, responsibility and mental toughness. 

The evaluation process is an integral component of every program. Non-invasive biomechanical evaluations help us to address patterns of deficiency and allow us to know which type of training methods to utilize. Based on the information we receive from this assessment, we will be able to present to you a safe and effective training program that will fit your needs.

​Nutrition and Meal Planning
Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. We help determine the correct fuel to use in your body to optimize your performance both physically and mentally. Whether you are preparing for competition or in need of weight management, at Optimax we offer general nutritional consulting for both youth and adults that is proven to work.